Our Mission:

Our mission is to equip pro-life people to persuade their peers on the abortion issue. We believe abortion will only end when our society views abortion as unthinkable of an act as infanticide. If we can change our culture’s opinion on abortion, one conversation at a time, then we can change our laws as well as eliminate the demand for abortions all together.


Our Success:

Conversion Stories- Many people believe it is “impossible” to persuade a pro-choice advocate on the abortion issue. We’ve seen the “impossible” happen in under 10 minutes when pro-life advocates use ADA training! Many of our volunteers have even persuade the very first pro-choice person they engaged! You can watch their stories on our ADA converts page.

Conversion Data- As an organization, we are constantly trying to quantify our impact and improve our effectiveness. In the summer of 2017, we trained 22 students in Texas with version 5 of our dialogue training. The students created 9 converts in less than 3 hours, a 12% conversion rate overall. This is a significant improvement from version 4’s 5.9% conversion rate. For more information on how we measure converts, click here.


Our Story:

The Abortion Dialogue Academy (ADA) was founded in 2014 by Jacob and Katie Burow. Co-Founder Katie Burow tells the story of the organization’s origins in the video below:



Jacob BurowJacob Burow: Co-Founder

Jacob was heavily involved in the 40 Days for Life movement in Bryan Texas during high school. He began volunteering with Justice For All as their Logistics Coordinator in 2001. He spent 11 years working extensively with JFA as a certified dialogue trainer. He accepted a full time position in 2012. During his time at Justice for All Jacob had over 3000 conversation with people on the abortion issue. In 2014 Jacob co-founded the Abortion Dialogue Academy. In 2016 he married Katie Burow, his co-founder and business partner. Today he serves as the Executive Director and President of the organization.

Katie HeadshotKatie Burow: Co-Founder

Katie attended Xavier College Preparatory, a Catholic high-school in Phoenix, Arizona. She went on to study Marketing, Economics and Strategy at the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. While in college Katie led the WU Students for Life club for 3 years. Katie worked as a summer intern at Justice For All in 2012 and 2013. She also completed the Students For Life of America Wilberforce Fellowship in 2013. In 2014, Katie co-founded the Abortion Dialogue Academy. In 2016 she married Jacob Burow, her co-founder and business partner. Today she serves as the Vice President and Programs Coordinator for the organization.