Change the Culture. End Abortion.

Abortion Dialogue Academy
Our Dialogue Interns equip Dialogue Teams to persuade

pro-choice advocates in their communities

Our Dialogue Program

Changes Minds

Watch our Dialogue Volunteers share how they changed a pro-choice advocates mind on abortion using our ADA Dialogue Training Program.

What Drives Us

ADA Mission

Our mission is to end abortion by creating cultural change.

We believe many people are pro-choice simply because they have never heard a rational, well-presented, secular argument against abortion. Our goal is to change that. Our ADA Dialogue Training Program is designed to equip our Dialogue Volunteers with research-driven, persuasive pro-life arguments – so they can quickly and easily explain why everyone, regardless of religion or political affiliation, should be pro-life.

Change the Culture. End Abortion.

The ADA Model

How it Works


We recruit and hire talented Dialogue Interns. Our internship functions like many flexible part-time jobs except instead of flipping burgers our Dialogue Interns equip volunteers to change minds


Each Dialogue Intern assembles, trains and leads a Dialogue Team of 10 dedicated Dialogue Volunteers through weekly outreach events where they engage and persuade pro-choice advocates in their area

Create Conversations

One Dialogue Team can create hundreds of persuasive conversations on the abortion topic using the arguments we teach in ourĀ ADA Dialogue Training Program

Change Culture

As our Dialogue Teams change hearts and minds on abortion we begin to shift the cultural opinion on the abortion topic back to one that values and protects life
ADA Results*

One Dialogue TeamĀ 



Conversion Rate

Pro-Life Converts

*The results from our 2017 pilot Intern-led Dialogue Team