About Us

Meet Our Team

Katherine Burow

Founder, Executive Director

Katherine graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Marketing, Economics and Strategy at the Olin Business School. While in college Katherine led the WU Students for Life club, worked as a summer intern for Justice For All and completed the Students For Life of America Wilberforce Fellowship. In 2014, Katherine co-founded the Abortion Dialogue Academy with her husband Jacob Burow. Today she serves as ADA’s Executive Director and host of the podcast “Pro-Life in 7-minutes”.

Jacob Burow

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Jacob’s pro-life activism began in Bryan Texas where he was heavily involved in the 40 Days for Life movement. In 2001 he began volunteering with Justice For All as their Logistics Coordinator. He spent 11 years working extensively with JFA as a certified Dialogue Trainer. He accepted a full time position in 2012. During his time at Justice for All, Jacob had over 3000 conversations with people on the abortion issue. In 2014 Jacob co-founded the Abortion Dialogue Academy with his wife Katherine Burow. Today he serves as the Chairman of the Board and President of the organization.

Connie Boesch

NE Programs Coordinator

Connie graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a degree in Elementary Education and endorsement in Special Education.  Post college, Connie worked at Quality Living Inc. in Omaha helping residents recover from brain and spinal cord injury. She was involved in various ministries that served the poor and vulnerable in state and out of state. She moved to Minnesota to serve the local Church with the Handmaids of the Heart of Jesus. After feeling called to return to Nebraska, she became ADA’s NE Programs Coordinator.

Lizbeth Marquez

UNO Dialogue Intern

Lizbeth began volunteering with ADA in 2020. Despite the difficulties of having conversations during COVID 19, she talked to 25 pro-choice advocates during her first year and changed 5 minds on abortion. Lizbeth is a senior majoring in Psychology.

Winner of “COVID Conversations Award” (2020-2021)