Change the Culture. End Abortion.

Abortion Dialogue Academy
We show pro-choice people why abortion should be illegal through conversations, educational sessions and literature.

Change Minds

Listen to what pro-choice people say after hearing our compelling pro-life arguments. 

What Drives Us

ADA Mission

Our mission is to end abortion by creating cultural change.

Our programs are designed to show as many pro-choice people as possible why everyone, regardless of religion or political affiliation, should be pro-life.

If we can Change the Culture, we can End Abortion.

The ADA Model

Our Programs


We hire and train college students to be ADA Dialogue Interns. Our Dialogue Interns recruit and train a team of Dialogue Volunteers whose goal is to present our persuasive pro-life arguments to over 1,000 pro-choice people on their college campus during an academic school year.

Educational Sessions

Many young people, even from pro-life families, have never heard a secular, compelling argument against abortion. When these young adults enter college, they’re often exposed to good pro-choice arguments and may become pro-choice simply from a lack of education. To help prevent this, we offer youth groups and high schools a 45 minute Educational Session where we present the best secular arguments against abortion.


COMING SOON: Many pro-life advocates want to be able to defend their pro-life view, but they don’t have the time to study pro-life apologetics or volunteer with us. We’re developing a new program at ADA where these individuals can use our literature to persuade a pro-choice person with little to no training.


Percentage of Pro-Choice minds changed through Conversations*

*Read our Data Report to learn how we collect and measure our statistics.