About Us

Meet Our Team

Jacob Burow

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Jacob’s pro-life activism began in Bryan Texas where he was heavily involved in the 40 Days for Life movement. In 2001 he began volunteering with Justice For All as their Logistics Coordinator. He spent 11 years working extensively with JFA as a certified Dialogue Trainer. He accepted a full time position in 2012. During his time at Justice for All Jacob had over 3000 conversation with people on the abortion issue. In 2014 Jacob co-founded the Abortion Dialogue Academy. In 2016 he married Katherine Burow, his co-founder and business partner. Today he serves as the Chairman of the Board and President of the organization.

Katherine Burow

Founder, Executive Director

Katherine graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Marketing, Economics and Strategy at the Olin Business School. While in college Katherine led the WU Students for Life club for 3 years. She also worked as a summer intern at Justice For All in 2012 and 2013. In 2013 she completed the Students For Life of America Wilberforce Fellowship. In 2014, Katie co-founded the Abortion Dialogue Academy. In 2016 she married Jacob Burow, her co-founder and business partner. Today she serves as the Executive Director for the organization.

Phillip Baumberger

Programs Coordinator- Omaha

Phillip graduated from the University of Nebraska in Omaha with degrees in Math, Computer Science and Spanish. While in college Phillip co-founded Mavericks for Life. During his first year using ADA’s Dialogue Training Program he had over 100 conversations with pro-choice advocates. In 2017 he became ADA’s first Dialogue Intern and his Dialogue Team created 1000 abortion conversations and 149 converts in one year. 


Office Manager

Pamela has been managing ADA’s donations and mailings since 2015. She has a degree from Texas A&M university.

Amos Long

ADA App Developer

Amos is a Software Consultant in St. Louis, MO.  He served on the area planning committee for 40 Days for Life in his hometown of Peoria, IL.  He has a degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, and Religion from Illinois Wesleyan University.

Erin Jones

Nebraska Dialogue Intern

During Erin’s first year using ADA’s Dialogue Training Program she had 134 conversations with pro-choice advocates. She has led the Maverick Students for Life Dialogue Team in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Erin is a Senior at the University of Nebraska in Omaha studying for a major in Speech Language Pathology.