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Join "Phillip's Team"?

Phillip's Team is ADA's multiple-year giving society. Watch the video below to learn the incredible true story that inspired the name.

Select a Level

Team Member - $1,000 per year (or $84/month) for 4 years - (Changes 16 minds - 4 minds each year)

Team Leader - $5,000 per year (or $417/month) for 4 years - (Changes 80 minds - a high school class each year)

Team Founder - $10,000 per year (or $834/month) for 4 years - (Changes 160 minds - a college class each year)

Make the 4-Year Pledge

Your pledge is more than a commitment to give every year at a certain level. It's a pledge to reach the next generation during the critical 4 years of high school or college when their view on abortion is being formed and solidified.  


Thank you for continuing Phillip's legacy and helping us change the culture. We will let you know each year how many new pro-life advocates are created because of your generosity.  

A Big thank you to

Phillip's Team

Team Founder

Mr. Amos Long

Cynthia Worley 

Team Leader


Team Member

Teri and Keith Deras

Deacon Charles & Ann Botdorf

Jacob and Katherine Burow

Mike and Glenda Davis

Lynn and Miles deMayo

Howard Family

Kampert Family

Joe and Pam Grier

Michael and Lynn Jones

Dan Krawczyk




Mike and Beth

Connie Pratt, In memory of Louis Pratt

Mike and Debbie Rowe

Royse Family

Stevenart Family

Pat Wicht




Listen to more stories of pro-choice people who changed their mind on abortion after having a conversation with one of our volunteers.