What Drives Us

ADA Mission

Our mission is to end abortion by creating cultural change.

We believe abortion is legal because our culture does not view abortion like it views infanticide. In our experience, many people are pro-choice simply because they have never heard a compelling, secular argument against abortion. Our goal is to change that. Our programs are designed to show as many pro-choice people as possible why everyone, regardless of religion or political affiliation, should be pro-life just like everyone is opposed to infanticide.

If we can Change the Culture, we can End Abortion.



Educational Sessions

















DIALOGUE Teams: How they Work

Dialogue Teams present our persuasive pro-life argument to pro-choice people on their college campuses. Dialogue Teams are a subgroup within a campus Pro-Life club.


Dialogue Intern is a flexible, part-time job. As a part of their training, Dialogue Interns learn how to teach others our pro-life argument.


Each Dialogue Intern assembles, trains and leads a Dialogue Team of 10+ dedicated Dialogue Volunteers.

Create Conversations

Each Dialogue Team's goal is to present our persuasive pro-life argument to over 1,000 pro-choice people during a single school year.

Prayer Teams: How they Work

For each Dialogue Volunteer on campus, we aim to have a team of 10 Prayer Volunteers praying for their conversations. Prayer Volunteers provide invaluable emotional support and accountability for our Dialogue Volunteers.

Pray Weekly

Our Dialogue Volunteers commit to having conversations every week, so we ask their Prayer Volunteers to commit to praying for them once a week.

Get Updates

We send out a monthly email update with conversation stories from each Dialogue Volunteer and their special prayer requests for the month.

Attend Events (optional)

We host 3-4 Prayer Team events where Prayer Volunteers can meet other people on their Prayer Team and interact with their Dialogue Volunteer.

Educational Sessions

Educational Session VS Presentation:
Which is right for you?

At ADA we offer two talks; our Educational Session or our Presentation. Below you can compare the two and determine which talk is best for your event.


"Mixed" - pro-life people, pro-choice people and some people on the fence.
Our speaker will share the best secular arguments against abortion with the assumption that not everyone in the room is pro-life.
45 minutes; includes brief Q&A
$100 Honorarium
who should schedule
- High School religion class

- High school all school assembly

- Youth Groups


"Pro-Life and excited" - pro-life people who have chosen to hear us speak
Our speaker will share a brief history of ADA, our mission, our programs, our arguments and how people in the audience can get more involved.
1 hour; includes volunteer testimonial and Q&A
FREE - This presentation helps us recruit new volunteers and supporters
who Should Schedule
- Pro-Life Groups

- Church Presentations

- Pro-Life Organizations


We've gotten a lot of feedback that many people want to know how to talk about abortion with their pro-choice friends, but they don't have the time to study apologetics or volunteer on campus with us. We have been working on a NEW program at ADA called "ADA Resources."

The idea behind "ADA Resources" is that with little to no training you could use our supplies to present our persuasive pro-life argument to a pro-choice person. This program is specifically for people who:

1) Have a specific person in their life they want to persuade of the abortion issue
2) Want to know how to defend their pro-life view but cannot commit to talking to people on campus regularly
3) Want to share our arguments with others but have limited time

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